Whoever the fuck Sigrid is, her debut single is bonkers

The top of New Music Friday – this is, of course, until Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson’s single drops at 4pm – is Don’t Kill My Vibe by a woman named Sigrid.

Sigrid’s so new her Spotify profile doesn’t even have an avatar yet.

Trawling her Twitter shows she signed with Island Records around six months ago, and a publishing deal with Sony/ATV not long after, but before that every tweet she’d done was in her native Norwegian – and contained her last name, Raabe. A search with that last name shows up an old acoustic and a few other things. She was amazing back in 2014, and is even more amazing now.

Her press shot contains a t-shirt with her single’s name on it – in the style of the Kylie Jenner ‘like, realising stuff’ outfit that should be framed in the Louvre. Iconic.

The song itself is pensive, enormous, relevant and incredibly catchy – all positive things for trying to break an artist on first single. This could easily do it.

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