Wafia and Louis The Child’s ‘Better Not’ is the perfect collab we never knew we needed


Brisbane-based pop genius Wafia has teamed up with American production duo Louis The Child for Better Not, a somewhat surprising collaboration that’s completely excellent. Released the day before Louis The Child‘s Coachella set, the track is a satisfying combination of the duo’s bubbly approach to EDM production and Wafia’s addictively sweet vocal.

The credits on this track are pretty damn impressive. Stephen Wrabel, whose incredible single 11 Blocks was easily one of the best releases of 2016, is a contributing writer, and producer extraordinaire Rogét Chahayed (whose recent credits include Halsey’s Bad at Love) was also involved.  Combine these two with the aforementioned artists and you’ve got a pretty bulletproof recipe for a bop. With any luck, this will bring Wafia a much-deserved publicity boost in the states, and the song will be a summer smash as it very well should.

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