Wafia has signed to Future Classic & her Ta-ku produced debut ‘Heartburn’ is here.

Ever since 22-year-old Wafia became notable for her singing on japanese wallpaper‘s Breathe In, a fair chunk of music fans have been waiting for more music from one of the most delicate and marvellous Australian voices to emerge in recent past.

We’ve been tied over with little bits and bobs like her Hype Machine exploding Mario cover and current HM #1 American Boy alongside Ta-ku, whilst she also lent her vocals to Charles Murdoch and Ta-ku on Frogs.

Collaborating with those types of humans means it’s probably unsurprising that we can tell you she’s signed a deal with Future Classic, the label famous for FlumeChet FakerBasenji, Touch Sensitive, and basically everyone amazing in that kinda ‘underground but not too underground pop/dance/chillwave’ sector.

The debut single for Wafia is Heartburn, a sublime pop moment produced by her now good m8 Ta-ku alongside the brilliant Andrei Eremin. The beat is thick af, her voice properly stands out & there’s a full five track EP out November 20.

It’s out Friday.

It’s amazing.

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