Wafia’s ‘Bodies’ is purposeful pop at it’s most accessible

Just incase you’re still a lame-ass rockist who thinks all pop music is ‘vapid’ and ‘devoid of meaning’, let me just obliterate that last bit of fuckery for you.

Wafia wrote this song the day her family members, many of whom are trapped in the Syrian conflict, were told their refugee applications for Australia had been rejected.

That’s obviously a really tough, deeply personal and very raw thing to deal with – and when cathartically expressing it into music the temptation would be to make something downbeat and dark – but Wafia’s fought against that idea for really good reasons.

“I never like it when music feels pseudo-intellectual and it becomes inaccessible in that way,” she told Broadly.

“I wanted to make something that, even if you couldn’t relate to the words, you could enjoy it.”

Her realisation of the importance of making accessible pop music is exactly why she’s one of the most important pop musicians right now – there’s nowhere near enough people talking about the pressing stuff in the world in such an understandable, approachable manner.

What a song.

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