Tinashe’s ‘Flame’ is a good pop song

Britney Spears‘ friend ‘Tinasha’ has popped a brand new single online called Flame.

It’s really the first time she’s made an effort on the road to popstardom since she said this to Billboard in 2015 (yes, Player existed but songs featuring Chr*s Br*wn don’t exist to me).

“I don’t see myself as an urban niche act,” she says. “I want to have mainstream success that doesn’t feel forced or label-made.”

It’s a quote I haven’t forgotten and she (or RCA) has finally allowed a sliver of that Tinashe to see the light of day with Flame.

The track was written by Tinashe as well as, Sir Nolan, Simon Wilcox and Nasri, who are a bunch of semi-recognisable names behind many B-grade pop songs and a B is exactly where this song lands. Tinashe shines on it, the chorus works and post-chorus hooks are lovely but that throbbing synth on the chorus is a couple of years late (see Taylor Swift’s Style and Ariana’s Love Me Harder).

The single is from her upcoming album Joyride, due later this year.

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