Mantra on bond street I be there around 4... Come thru we can have a good time!!

The Plot has added Amy Shark, Confidence Man, GL & Hellions to the 2016 lineup

The Plot, which we’ve already told you was one of the best music festivals you didn’t go to last year, has added four amazing new acts to the lineup.

Amy Shark, who we told you on the podcast has just been added to commercial radio & cracked the iTunes Top 50 – alongside Confidence ManGL and Hellions, have all been plonked onto what was already an amazing group of humans heading to Parramatta on November 19.

They’ve also made a stage for legends of the 2150 postcode – and a few others including Central Coast EDM babes Kinder, Penrith’s Ebony Boadu and a bunch of others – called the 2150 stage, obvi.

Tickets for the festival + return buses to the Central Coast, Rouse Hill & Castle Hill are here – plus if you book more than 4 tickets at once – get $80 in Plot Dollars to spend when you get there. Unbelievable.

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