The Aston Shuffle’s proper new single ‘High With You’ is a great post-weekend song

Mondays are a day for attempting to restore some kind of sanity to your life after killing your brain with disco biscuits, are they not? But like they’re also simultaneously a day to spend dreaming about being back on the podium at Poof Doof dancing to minimal at 3am Sunday morning with dinner plate eyes. I uh, I presume that’s what everyone’s like anyway.

Therefore, Mondays are a good day to hear The Aston Shuffle’s brand new single High With You, which is a weirdly emotional, super late-night club jam about wanting to pop various substances with a person you’d like to kiss on a weekend.

I think Styalz Fuego is singing pitch-shifted on the euphoric hook. The Aston Shuffle did one of my favourite albums of last year and if they can make more songs as good as this and last record’s Tear Me Down, they’re heading towards another fucking cracker.

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