Premiering: Sports Bra’s anthemic ode to resilience & survival, ‘Little Beast’

If you have not heard of Sports Bra before, they will certainly not leave your head after you hit play on this.

They’re an extremely good band that contains four members who live in and around Sydney and they make very heart-on-sleeve emotional punk with a pop energy.

This new song though is truly quite something. It begins with Naif singing over relatively limited instruments so you can gather the vulnerability in their voice, and then everything swings up. Like, really up. The hook is absolutely phenomenal – Naif and a gang of BVs yell one of the most impressive and divine hooks of the year. One of those hooks that live, will feel like you’re part of something bigger. Where it comes through your chest and up to your eyes and your breathing gets all unregulated.

Little Beast is a tightly packed, confident yet vulnerable song that SB tell us is a song “of hope, of resilience, and of surviving ourselves.”

Their second album is en-route. They made it with producer Jonathon Tooke, and it’ll be out early in the new year.

“You are so loved, more than enough.”

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