Savilian’s dropped a fire round of remixes of ‘Poltergeist’

Sydney rap & meme lord Savilian put out an EP at the latter end of 2015 alongside production wunderkind Kuren. The four part record was a combination of some of his favourite sounds & people, and considering we’ve now known old mate for a few years, we can say was his best work yet.

Today he’s giving new life to that release with a really exciting ‘swag’ of remixes. There’s four of Poltergeist itself – a massive, guns blazing bit of fire from Brisbane duo MAD CITY to kick it off, Panda The Boy is on a slightly darker and trippier remix for Track 2, The Eggman goes in hard and deep on the third. Young Modern jumps in for a fourth remix – then the fifth track on the EP is a remix of Caught Up – featuring Sav’s brother Ruku – remixed by Kraznov. There’s genuinely something for everyone on this – the MAD CITY one’s going on rotation for us though.

I’ll let Sav take it from here.

“Last year I put out a collaborative EP with a super talented friend of mine by the name of Kuren. The EP saw me gain a larger and wider audience as people connected with the music in a way I’d never seen before. It was refreshing and I finally felt like I was heading in the right direction.

A few weeks later I started approaching other producer friends of mine to have a crack at remixing some of the tracks, as I wanted the music to have a bit of longevity and reach an even wider audience. After a few extra months of pulling everything together, sorting everything out and getting the tracks done… I bring you the Poltergeist Remix EP.

4 remixes of the lead track Poltergeist, and a bonus remix of Caught Up to savour. All of these tracks are unique and have their own individual quirks and flare, and I LOVE THEM.

I really hope everyone enjoys them as much as I have been.

Love Yung Poltergeist <3”

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