Premiering: Savilian’s heartfelt ballad ‘A Man’ has arrived exactly one year after marriage equality

Watching artists dig a bit deeper with each song is one of the great joys.

What started out six or so years ago as an outlet to express fun & debaucherous ideas, Central Coast hip-hop savant Savilian‘s stayed committed to building his library of songs, his ability to perform, the genres he wants to explore and I think most importantly, the depth of the ideas he’s exploring on these songs.

The song we’re premiering today is one that’s smack bang in the centre of his heart. It’s dedicated to, and partially written about, his brother James “who I love so goddamn much… I am so relieved that he is now happy and free from fear in his own skin, this is something that everybody deserves.”

A Man was written around 12 months ago at the time of the postal vote on marriage equality,” Sav told us.

“The first half of the song is about the vote and how it brought out the best and worst in Australians. It made me think a lot about James and the torment he experienced as a teenager trying to come to terms with his true self in a world that didn’t fully understand or accept him. The second half of the song is about the collective experience of the gay community who have been discriminated against in the most appalling ways. It then goes on as a call to arms saying that no one is different, we are all equal, and that some of the weight of this fight has to fall on people from privilege to not just sit back and pray/hope that it’s all going to be alright.”

It’s a passionate ballad from a kind, good musician that sits perfectly on this day.

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