Sam Bluer’s ‘Body High’ is a sexy, dancefloor-ready pop masterpiece

Sam Bluer is a popstar.

After introducing himself with Shift earlier this year, Sam Bluer has cemented his place as one of the most exciting young pop artists in the world with Body High.

The track is an immaculately written, effortlessly cool, piece of pure pop about wanting to get back with an ex for one last high.

“You just want to get high with them one last time.” he says. “They’re the only one who can make you feel amazing again.”

At the core of my love for this song is the completely arresting and infectious chorus, along with the perfect timing and writing on the verses. It’s pop writing that sound’s like it comes from Sweden’s best, but it comes from Melbourne, Australia. Penned by Sam and Maddy Rowe, with production by House of Wolf and Sam Sakr, the crew have crafted a brooding non-stop thrill ride.

The music video takes us to a hazy house party with a theme I can only describe as ‘serving face.’ The vibe is perfect.

Body High is one of my favourite pop songs of the past few years. Give it a listen. Then another. Then another. You won’t be able to stop.

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