Mantra on bond street I be there around 4... Come thru we can have a good time!!

Ry is touring the East Coast of Australia in August and September

Excellent new-wave hip hop person Ry will be ‘hitting the road’ during August to rap-sing a song or two for you at various venues.

He’s going to do shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, but if you’re a regional ‘dweller’ then you’re also in luck because he’s coming to Armidale and Lismore too as part of the Mind Over Matter tour.

It’s all mainly happening to support his new mixtape Nevada which is coming out ‘soon’ – probably when he gets back from bloody Fiji the slacker. Ry’s also going to play songs from his really good past mixtapes Amnesia and Wall Street, plus he’ll premiere a few from his late-year-slated EP for you too.

If you’re interested, get tickets at

ARMIDALE: 28 August, The Armidale Club (with Mind Over Matter)
LISMORE: 29 August, The Tatts Hotel (with Mind Over Matter)
BRISBANE: 30 August, The Beetle Club (with Mind Over Matter)
SYDNEY: 12 September, El Topo Basement in Bondi (FREE SHOW!!!!! $0!!!!!)
MELBOURNE: 20 September, Boney

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