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We’re HERE and WE’RE QUEER for NEW Years & Years. Here’s ‘Sanctify’

A new era of  Years & Years is upon us with their brand new single Sanctify!

This is exactly the kind of queer pop we’ve come to expect from Olly, Mikey and Emre but with a brand new twist, a story based collection of music videos that are on the way about a dystopian future where Androids rule the earth and humans are a rare commodity, the first of such videos is below.

Olly Alexander, the group’s lead vocalist and all-round lovely guy, proves time and time again just how precious he is to the LGBTQ+ community and the fight for equality, personally I stan him to no end!

Check out the new track now and tell us what you make of their new video @projectudottv.

A note from the editor, Nathan Jake: “GOD, THIS SONG IS SO BLOODY GOOD. Gets better and better with every listen. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

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