Project eUrovision: From to San Marino to the UK – every song reviewed (part 4)

San Marino

Serhat’s I Didn’t Know is a horrific entry. It’s like I’ve traveled back in time.


Sanja Vučić ZAA will definitely be one of the most challenging names to pronounce this year but her entry Goodbye (Shelter) is so average we likely won’t have to learn to pronounce it.


Slovenia has sent ManuElla with a country song named Blue and Red. It’ll certainly be something different but it’s not exactly…enjoyable.


Barei’s Say Yay! is one of the most popular entries so far. I find it quite boring and bland, though.


Now, I could go on forever about this year’s Melodifestivalen and all of the songs that were better than this one, but I’m just going to put that aside and focus on Frans for a second.

If I Were Sorry is definitely not a bad song, in fact, it’s a cute little bop, but there’s nothing ~Eurovision~ about it. There’s really nothing exciting about it at all.

It’s ridiculously popular and I just don’t get it. This is the first time since I’ve been watching Eurovision, that Sweden hasn’t been one of my favourites and I’m pretty sad about it.


Switzerland has continued their neutrality in global conflicts by sending Rykka’s The Last Of Our Kind – a middle-of-the-road song that will present a threat to no one.

The Netherlands

Douwe Bob’s Slow Down is a very different entry. It’s a country/folk song that I, under no circumstances could ever enjoy. Douwe, however, seems like a cool guy who I just can’t hate. He recently came out as bisexual in an interview where he was asked about ‘his most notable gay trait’ – to which he replied with “sex with men.” Amazing.


Ukraine’s entry is a dramatic song about war, from what I can gather. Like…okay hun we get it Ukraine has been having a bit of a tough time, let’s not wallow in it.

United Kingdom

The UK’s entry is two guys from The Voice UK named Joe and Jake. I actually do like this song.

It’s like Coldplay-does-Eurovision, but not as terrible as that would be in reality.


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