Project eUrovision: 8 options for Australia

Australia will be competing again in the Eurovision Song Contest this May and we need someone to represent us.

I feel like Dami Im’s performance last year with Sound Of Silence was so brilliant it can’t be matched, so we need to look to send something different this year. So here’s a list of ideas – some with that ~different edge~ and some without.

The Veronicas

All eyes are on The Veronicas as favourites for our entry to Eurovision this year. They’d be brilliant.

Tina Arena

The obvious choice is France’s darling and general superstar Tina Arena, should Sony relinquish their monopoly on our entries into the competition.

Isaiah Firebrace

Last year, The X Factor winner Isaiah Firebrace told “It would definitely be something I would love to do, that would be the dream. And what if I won?.”

He would be a great choice considering the recent streaming success of his debut single It’s Gotta Be You. With huge Spotify success in Sweden, Denmark and much of Europe it has become the most streamed X Factor Australia winner’s single ever.

Samantha Jade

This X Factor winner is another obvious choice for Eurovision.

We know she’s is great at performing a pop song and she can work a set piece but her unfortunate curse which prevents her brilliance from seeing chart success could get in her way.

(I was there. That fire was really hot.)

Taylor Henderson


Taylor Henderson could absolutely rock the Eurovision stage. He’s an Acoustic Fellow but his pop sensibilities have him in a unique position that could be perfect for something like Eurovision.

The only reason I thought of Taylor (apart from his obvious talent) is that he has an album due March and Sony is being strangely quiet about it. Label incompetence or secret plan? ?

(let me stay quiet about which one I think it is)


We know Ricki-Lee can do the bread and butter of Eurovision – an Empowerment Anthem.

Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy was the interval act at Eurovision in 2014 and Europe loved her so it’s only fair we give her a go at the competition now that we’re in it.

Anja Nissen

After missing out last year, The Voice Australia winner Anja Nissen is again attempting to represent Denmark at Eurovision.

If she loses again, I’ll just feel bad. Can’t we just give it to her? I mean, she clearly wants it. (NOTE: I wrote this before she won Denmark’s entry. Good for her.)

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