Premiering: ‘Satellites’ by Benjamin Poss, who’s got a lot to say

We came across this guy Benjamin Poss a few weeks ago – who we’re excited about because he’s constantly got something to say in his songs, and sorta combines this Nashville vocal with really slick LA pop production. He’s very unique.

Ben talks about a lot of important things in his music but this song is one #forthefans.

Satellites is about the connection I feel with the people who listen to my music and come to my shows. The chorus lyrics ‘we can find where our love lies or we can drown in our tears tonight’ mean that in your room or on the stage, we can fall in love together, we can cry together, and we can be completely free to be and feel anything that we want to.”

He’s got an album coming out soon with a lot of discussions to be had about where the world’s at right now.

“I’ve felt lost and confused with our current situation. I’m constantly concerned for young people growing up in a world broadcasting hate more often than love, and I wanted to help them find the light in their life. I’ve been learning that even through all of the tough shit, there is still so much good to be done, and I just want to share that with anyone who needs it.”


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