Premiering: Rachel Maria Cox’s ‘Emotionally Untidy’, starring their cat & dog

Newy-based Rachel Maria Cox has been banging around singing these sorta wonderful emo-pop-punky songs for a bit now. They’ve built an incredibly unique and candid way of expressing some pretty intense discussions around their life experiences with mental health, the trans experience and general young person shit.

RMC reckons their new single, the lead from a new album, is about “when you find yourself in a situation where your social life is more confusing and tangled than you’d like. Not disastrous, but maybe where you need to start folding your clean washing and putting it away.”

We’re premiering it today – and it comes with a very cool video – starring their dog and cat. They are very cool animals. Watch the vid, and have a look at the chat we had below about how they managed to keep a GoPro attached to a cat.

You’re incredibly honest in this, about the way you feel & act a lot of the time, is there anything you keep off limits in your music?

People always think that I’m super honest in songs, and I am, but obviously when you’re writing about real people in your real life you do have to treat it with a little bit of sensitivity. I’m never explicit enough to name names or anything where you can tell exactly who a song’s about, which is a conscious choice I make because I never want to be a dick to anyone or put personal stuff in the open without their consent.

And you don’t want to be sued for defamation, either.

I mean ideally not, no. It’s not in my five year plan.

This is the poppiest I’ve heard you. Did you consciously move more towards pop, and have you become more confident in writing pop music?

This record in general has definitely gotten poppier and it’s almost come full circle because when I started writing, like as a kid, I was writing pop music. I then went through that phase most teenagers go through where I didn’t think pop was cool, but I’ve been listening to a lot more pop music since the last EP and the last few singles and also playing with a band meant the energy changed. It wasn’t just me, I wasn’t just writing with my guitar, I was writing with this amazing band behind me that could let me lift the energy a bit. I’ve also gotten into a lot more pop artists so obviously that’s come through. I cannot stop listening to DNCE. I can’t stop and won’t stop. I got heaps into Zara Larsson, Charli XCX, even Bruno Mars, but also people like Bec Sandridge. I’m also going through another Veronicas phase at the moment. I guess because working as a music teacher I have to kind of stay abreast of what the kids are listening to.

How did your animals take to having cameras strapped to them for the video?

It took a little bit of trial and error. Emily the dog is like 15 years old, so she didn’t really seem that phased, but it did take a while to actually get footage because 85% of her life is spent lying in bed, which is like, my dream life. But it doesn’t make for very interesting footage, particularly when she lays on top of the camera.

I’m interested in how you managed to strap a GoPro to the cat without like, hurting it.

It was kind of strategic, attaching it to the collar. I worked out the best way to attach it to the dog was on the harness she wears when she’s in the car, and so I got a harness for really tiny dogs and put it on the cat.

You’re such an innovator.

I try.

Sunday June 4th (Solo)
The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel Newcastle (18+)
w/ Lincoln Le Fevre & Pinch Hitter

Saturday June 10th (Band)
Wicking Out Festival Newcastle (18+)
w/ Prizegiving (NZ), Carb on Carb (NZ), Vacations, Snape, FeelsClub, Sweater Curse, FRITZ & More TBA

Sunday June 11th (Solo)
The Reverence Hotel Melbourne (18+)
w/ Freya & Rachel Short

Saturday June 17th (Solo)
Dave’s House Canberra (AA)
w/ Moaning Lisa, Jim Dusty, Floral Sheets & Quinton Trembath
Fundraiser for Ration Challenge

Thursday June 29th (Band)
Hudson Ballroom Sydney (18+)
w/ Ruby Fields & Uncle Axel

Saturday July 1st
The Cambridge Hotel Newcastle (18+)
w/ Throw Me To The Wolves & Good Pash

Pic at the top by Cath Connell, who’s rly good.

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