Premiering: King IV’s hard-hitting pop belter ‘We Can Get It’

Melbourne’s King IV, who if you’re from Melbourne I’d be surprised if you hadn’t seen around the traps of the music community, has asked us to premiere her new single We Can Get It.

She describes this as “music for thrashing around in the back of your Uber home to as you devour your drivethru Maccas”, which I wish I had as I ordered my double quarter pounder meal at 3:30am on Sunday morning.

We Can Get It also makes a kinda important statement to young and just-starting-out music kids, about the importance of collaboration and making that mutually beneficial, ego-less, and community-focused. It’s really nice from that perspective.

The vocals are really snappy and tightly cut and the song never loses energy. Is fiyah.

In the spirit of the song, she’s collaborated with Melbourne artist Rromarin, and the photo / artwork you see is by her mate Guilia McGauran.

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