Premiering: Donatachi’s perfect pop song ‘Take Me’ ft Kady Rain

In the spirit of the Barbie Pool Party 2002 compilation album would have happily sat Donatachi‘s new single, Take Me.

The most sugar-coated cocktail of pop music to emerge this year is out today – featuring vocals from an Austin-based gal named Kady Rain.

“Kady sings about summer love, public indecency and fornication, which is the ideal compliment to this hyper-pop production,” and the ideal summer life for me.

The song was originally inspired by Ryan & Marissa in The OC, tbh.

“Ryan and Marissa are a true romance story for the ages. Their relationship was so erratic; I wanted the production to reflect this as literally as possible with a dynamic 2 step beat,” Donatachi told a PDF file we got emailed.

Also the first appearance of “I’m shook!” in a song’s lyrics I’ve heard so far. Living.

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