Playlist Preview: Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan, Donatachi, Robinson & more have songs out Friday

To prepare your nervous system for each New Music Friday I’m gonna try and do a Playlist Preview each week of the ‘big ticket items’ to get ready for.

Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan – There For You

The song Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan made together and premiered at Coachella is finally getting a proper release this Friday. It’s incredible, heartfelt, and a bop for the gods. Leland co-wrote on it, which is very important for the culture, and this will be a big release tomorrow obvi. You can hear 30 seconds of it below, including the drop.

Donatachi – In Rotation (ft Gustine)

There’s a new single from Bubblegum creator Donatachi coming out. The Sydney cutie’s got French artist Gustine to do vocals on In Rotation, which our buds Sidechains are putting out. Expect a big dose of euphoria and sugar. Also the FUCKING PROMO SHOT!

Rita Ora – Your Song

Rita ‘Who Is This Woman’ Ora is making a return to music after a few years gallivanting around doing everything but music, including hosting?? ANTM?? and signing on for a new pop band creating show?? where the judges are called ‘architects’??

Your Song, I am informed, is tropical. It is as one would expect in a post Shape Of You society. And we will probably stan for it. She’s already done it acoustically, as you can see below.

Robinson – Don’t You Forget About Me

Robinson is a new one that Page 1, who have BROODS, Jarryd James and a bunch more, are launching a career for – and given their track record I’ll trust that they’ve got another special one. She’ll put her debut single out tomorrow after Linda premiered it ‘on the js’ on Wednesday. It’s called Don’t You Forget About Me. Is it a Simple Minds cover? I’m sure you’ll find out. (It’s not a Simple Minds cover.)

Little Mix – Power (ft. Stormzy)

The #Mixers are continuing the phone-in efforts of releasing singles from Glory Days, getting fans to create the artwork and bowing to label pressure to get yet another male rapper to jump on the single release of a perfectly good female pop song. It hurts. They’re too good for this. Anyway, the Stormzy ‘remix’ of Power is out tomorrow.

Lil Yachty – Teenage Emotions

We heard the Lil Yachty album last night, it’s 21 songs long which is far too many, but there’s like 5 really good songs on it including a Diplo produced number and an idk-produced Track #9, which was the best one besides Bring It Back. That’s as much of a review as it’s getting. I advise having a listen though.

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