PACES & Jess Kent have made the ultimate summer bop together called ‘1993 (No Chill)’

OH MY GODDDDDDDDD MAN so like super hungover on New Year’s Day I dragged my regretful ass out of bed at like 11 so that I could see Jess Kent play her first show as the triple j Unearthed act at Field Day.

I bopped to all of Jess’ songs, including one I’m pretty sure was centred around spoons, and then she was like “LOL ME AND PACES DID A SONG” and played THE BIGGEST BOP OF THE SUMMER and completely started my year off right. Literally, 1993 (No Chill) one of the first songs I heard in 2016, is going to be one of the best songs we hear this year.

PACES HAS AN ALBUM COMING OUT TOO BTW – MARCH 4. It is called Vacation. I am so prepared. AHHHHHH.

Tickets available from Friday 15 January here 
Friday, February 19th – Adelaide
Saturday, February 20th – Melbourne
Friday, February 26th – Perth
Saturday, February 27th – Brisbane
Friday, March 4th – Sydney

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