New Music Fredag: The best pop out of Scandinavia this week

Alexandru – Sellotape

Norway’s Alexandru has released his first single since leaving the boyband Suite 16. The 17-year-old’s debut single is called Sellotape and it’s bloody great. Huge chorus.

SHY Martin – Good Together

Sweden’s Shy Martin has had credits on Mike Perry’s smash The Ocean as well as The Chainsmokers’ All We Know and Bebe Rexha’s best song (Not) The One. 

Good Together is her first solo single and it’s a very exciting taste of what could be to come.

NOAH – Ved Det Godt

Denmark’s NOAH has dropped Ved Det Gotd. The title translates to “know it well” in English if you, like me, don’t speak Danish. With this song I don’t find the language to be a barrier because there’s a lot to love.

Clara Mae – I’m Not Her

Clara Mae has delivered this week’s Swedish Banger. The chorus on I’m Not Her ‘slaps’ as some would say.

Frederik Leopold – I’ll Cover You

Frederik Leopold, a 19-year-old from Copenhagen has put our I’ll Cover You, his third single. There’s nothing special about it but it’s perfectly lovely.

Sigrid – Strangers

Sigrid’s put out her best song yet. You can read about that here.

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