Mantra on bond street I be there around 4... Come thru we can have a good time!!

Miss Blanks & Jesswar have jumped on the 2.0 version of Okenyo’s ‘Women’s World’

OKENYO‘s re-released her track Women’s World in a wild 2.0 version which now features icons Miss Blanks and Jesswar.

What I love about this tune is that you can really have a dance to it, even though the lyrics hold such depth and relevance. Also, all three of the the ladies have such a different take on empowerment through their verses, which gives everyone a mantra to vibe to.

“I’m a very busy women with a lot on my plate… so you better eat it up before I take it away… it’s a women’s world” Okenyo raps and sings out the main hook, a catchy anecdote that sums up the vibe of the whole track.

Women’s World is filled with messages of empowerment, melodically rhymed by three of Australia’s most empowering female and non-binary figures in the music industry right now. So, we’ve all got to get around this. These artists are the future of Australian music.

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