Mallrat kicks into superstar territory with her perfect new single ‘Better’

Songs are good, aren’t they?

Songs are especially good when they manage to – within a three minute window, without having different chapters like an album or different shifts like an EP, paint a really vivid array of colours in your noggin.

Mallrat‘s made a song. It’s called Better. She’s spent a year getting it to sound right in her head. She’s ready to show you now.

The simple, early guitars make Better feel start off feeling like a shy moment near the big gum trees in the the primary school playground.

The first chorus immediately brings you to the giddy first days of a new crush. The sunny high school day, the pangs for recess to begin so you can feel those butterflies for another 9 minutes.

The cinema of the final chorus, the immediate montage of every kiss, every cuddle and every dance with the person that lights your life up. It all just happens.

And then the sobriety of those final twenty seconds – the delivery back down to Earth and a note just sweet enough to end on in “now I’ve got an angel in the sky.”

Everything about this three minute journey is perfect.

Better is song one from a new Mallrat EP, and a triumphant moment in pop music.

We’re so proud of you Gracie.


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