Maddy’s Weekly Wine Down: The time Guy Sebastian won back my heart

It’s Sunday night and I’ve just poured myself a brand new glass of wine. I’m pretty drunk already, so I’m very ready to review some music. I pretty much do this every week anyway, so I may as well write it down.

Holy Cave – Violent Soho

Waco as an album is one step off perfection, and Holy Cave is such a goddamn highlight. Luke Boerdam is so endlessly fascinating to me. His vocals are so matter-of-fact and understated, but they’re still a sensory godsend. Literal shivers down my spine. The lyrics are a perfect companion – and if songs like Jesus Stole My Girlfriend, OK Cathedral and even In The Aisle are anything to go by, Violent Soho + religious allusion is my fave collab. As he sings “I’ll be right, I’ll be there,” there’s layers for days – harmonies, the guitar riff, and the familiar grinding sound of the rhythm guitar – I can’t help but think back to Narrow Ways. Don’t let all the comparisons mislead you though: this is a band that is growing album to album.


Tear Us Apart – HIGHTIME

This came out today and by some grace of the gods I stumbled upon it in an Aussie punk Facebook group that usually just debates whether or not 15 year old girls who wear Ramones t-shirts are posers. Refreshingly, it’s genuinely fantastic punk out of Adelaide that I think young girls in Ramones t-shirts would really like. Tear Us Apart is my favourite, complete with a catchy chorus, and a cathartic “fuck no” right in the middle.


Cruzy P – Koi Child

Another song off a new album! Sorry, I love albums. Koi Child’s debut self titled came out through Pilerats on Friday, and it’s chill af. This song in particular makes me want to light a blunt, and I have pretty bad asthma, so that’s actually a kind of big deal. Usually if a song goes for 5 minutes I’m just not gonna like it, but Cruzy P sits right on 5:00 and I wish it was longer. I think this track truly epitomises all the good things Koi Child have going – and that bass line is beyond perfect.


Desert (ft. Guy Sebastian) – Paces

I know I’m running behind but I gave Paces’ album my first listen today and fuaaaark. Banger after banger and then just GUY SEBASTIAN. Guy and I have a love hate relationship since that time I saw him live and he didn’t play this, but this song is like butterflies and clouds and glitter and I’ve almost finished my wine. I feel like it takes a little while to get to where it’s going, and it doesn’t have the same energy that 1993 (No Chill) and Nothing’s Forever have, but it’s still a total tune, and great album ender. It’s screaming for a remix, though.


Yeah – Ash-Leigh

I think this is so good. I don’t even know what else to say. Ash-Leigh comes from an acoustic background (and you can see some of her covers on her Facebook page), but she’s now delved into the world of indie electro pop and I can’t wait to hear what’s next. Yeah is brooding, frank and completely beautiful. I would love to hear what would happen if she got together with a good producer to take her sound and make it really crisp and clean. Tonnes of potential here.

Check out Violent Soho, Koi Child, HIGHTIME, Paces and Ash-Leigh.

Thanks to my ride or die chick Louise for the “wine down” pun. Get it? Fuck, she’s funny.

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