Lohanthony’s debut compilation ‘LANDSCAPES’ is available to order now

Basic bitch caller & brilliant YouTuber Anthony ‘Lohanthony‘ Quintal has announced his first compilation record, LANDSCAPES, is available to pre-order now.

LANDSCAPES will be the first release on Heard Well, the music initiative headed by Connor Franta, his manager Andrew Graham and entrepreneur Jeremy Wineberg, which aims to be the “first music label powered by social tastemakers”.

Tracklisting isn’t available yet – but when I had a chat to Connor – he told me that Anthony’s album will have an urban flair to it.

Copy and pasting directly from the Heard Well website:

Landscapes represents an escape. Having had the opportunity to travel the world has opened his eyes to what this beautiful planet has to offer… landscapes. For him, that’s exactly what he experiences when he listens to new music. With this compilation, he hopes to spread awareness of these hidden, but electric tracks and artists that ooze fabulousness. Every track off Landscapes is guaranteed to do nothing but take you to places you’ve never been before.

Lohanthony says “Music has always been a deep part of my identity and something my viewers have been asking for more access to. Heard Well is a great way for me to share the music I love with my fans, give more access into my personal tastes and help promote musicians I love.”


You can order the record by clicking the amazing cover art below.


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