Hangs With Good Artists #2: An Interview With Lauv

For this blog Lauv has been our little secret for a while. He’s the kind of artist we’ve been listening to a lot on Spotify, yelling about when the new singles come out, but never really thinking he’s exactly the standout to break through as a commercial success.

His romantic, uniquely intimate way of making pop music is truly one of a kind – like literally no-one else could make this stuff. He’s putting in personal words, personal sounds (listen to him talk about his belief in the voice as the most important instrument he owns) and universal ideas that really get to anyone with a heart.

Lauv’s announced his first ever Australian tour – the dates for which are here – and he’s thrown out the album idea in exchange for a ‘dynamic playlist’ called I met you when I was 18, which you can hear below. It’s basically a ‘story so far’ sorta sitch.

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