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Kilter: on his new single, Snowtunes & being a one-man-oompah-band

Kilter is one of the artists playing alongside What So Not, Asta, Hot Dub Time Machine and a bunch more at Snowtunes Festival this weekend in Jindabyne. The tickets are ridic cheap, here right now, and we asked him a bunch of questions about new music, snow, and playing new music in the snow.

KILTER, that new song of yours is a banger. Where did it come from? Tell me about making it – it’s so poppy and perfect.
Thank you! It is a bit of a banger. I hadn’t really written something like that before – so when I got in the studio with the singer Cam Nacson – we literally said “let’s write something fun”. The guitar parts came first and then I spent an hour or so making that bass sound while he came up with some vocal ideas. By our second coffees we were pretty much good to go. It’s nice when things come together quickly and organically like that.

Snowtunes is stop 2 on a huge AU/NZ tour you’re doing – are you a snow bunny at all?
Not at all haha. I tried snowboarding once a few years ago but none of my friends wanted to wait for me on beginner slopes so I spent the weekend falling down black runs. I don’t mind the snow, but much prefer taking it all in from inside the warm pub.

Who else are you looking forward to catching at Snowtunes?
I’m looking forward to seeing What So Not. We were just in Malta together but didn’t get a chance to catch up so a mulled wine is in order.

What’s your live setup like for this tour? I feel like it’d be pretty ‘live’?
It’s starting to feel a little like those one-man-oompah-bands with the bass drum strapped to the back, tambourine on the foot and harmonica in the mouth… I’m juggling two keyboards, a sampler, an electronic drum pad and a rack of real percussion. I also have Tim on guitar and a few vocalists jumping up.

Post-tour, what’s on the cards? Are we getting more music this year?
Most definitely. I’ve been writing a lot this year and have some of my favourite tunes yet waiting for everybody to hear.

See Kilter with What So Not, Asta, Hot Dub Time Machine and a bunch more at Snowtunes Festival this weekend in Jindabyne, and get tickets here.

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