Josef Salvat’s sung on a seven minute opus by Jonas Rathsman

Josef Salvat, who’s album is amazing if you’ve been too lazy to listen to it, has long been one of this website’s favourite male vocalists & writers.

From the moment we met him, to his beautiful duet with Niia on Tourist‘s Holdin On and his more recent work with Gryffin, everything he touches possesses a certain honesty, comfort & depth to it that is untouchable by most others.

Anyway I’ll stop faffing because this song’s going to take you a fucking while. It’s 7:21. It’s by Jonas Rathsman, and Complex is described as “a tech-blues odyssey, an introverts primal scream, where complex emotions and urges are vented and perfectly complemented by Rathsman’s explorations into the dark corners of electronic music”. Righto.

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