Jessica Mauboy got BLAAAAAAAAZED with Snoop Dogg this one time

Jessica Mauboy‘s been on the radio this morning yabbering about her new single and telling some stories.

Jess agreed to play a game called Name Drop on the Dan and Maz Show and Snoop’s name was pulled out of the hat. They did a song called Get Em Girls together you might remember.

“He walks in and he’s pretty blazed at that point and blazing out the whole room. I’m feeling a little bit weird and the whole situation just goes down and I think I go to sleep for a few minutes and then I wake up and he’s finished his rap. And I’m like, what just happened?

“And then I was hungry and then we went and got Roscoe’s chicken, waffles, maple syrup and chicken, fried chicken. It was pretty crazy.”


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