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Jarryd James’ debut single ‘Do You Remember’ is pretty okay

I was just trying to work out where I remembered Jarryd James‘ name from and then I realised he was the guy I saw support Broods earlier in 2014 when they headlined Oxford Art Factory. From what I remember he was good, but tbh, I was just focused on the fact Matt Corby was playing keys for him. That was quite cool.

Anyway, Jarryd is from Brisbane, and has a debut single ready to roll called Do You Remember. Pigeons & Planes think it sounds like AWOLnation‘s Sail, but I can pleasantly confirm it does not, because that song is shit and this is very great.

The falsetto, man. I dig. He appears to be in the right circles (I found this song because Lorde and Thomston’s management tweeted it) and if he can keep making cool stuff like this we’ll be posting a lot about him.

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