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Is Zara Larsson’s ‘Don’t Worry Bout Me’ too perfect?

Zara Larsson has popped back up to release Don’t Worry Bout Me, the second single from her upcoming second international album.

“Don’t Worry Bout Me” photoshoot outtake

Produced by Swedish duo The Struts, most commonly heard on Tove Lo’s hits, Don’t Worry Bout Me is produced to Swedish perfection, but there’s something about it that feels a bit incomplete.

It’s like it was created in a lab by men and women in white coats – and not in the usual fun way because I love me some Swedish lab-grown pop.

That Zara Larsson attitude is there but it’s nowhere near as potent as Ain’t My Fault. All of the production elements fit together perfectly like a completed puzzle, but it’s not as satisfying as Ruin My Life, I Would Like or Never Forget You. 

The bridge also fails to add much to the experience. That ear-piercing synth is fun but the rest is still more of the same. There’s no showstopping moment.

Technically, it slaps and the song’s still on my playlist, but something’s off to me and I hope we get some more fun soon.

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