INTRODUCING: SAARA, the Finnish popstar, TV host and icon you need to know

SAARA‘s been making big pop songs since her late teens, but this is the first one we’ve bothered writing about.

Basically in 2014 she signed to Capitol and someone there reckoned he had the same feeling about her that he only had about Adele and Sam Smith other than her. She started making an album with Darkchild, but they ended up having some differences so she left the label and went independent.

She’s really famous in Finland. She’s done a bunch of TV over there, has a massive YouTube channel – and that’s translated into English speaking Europe too – she’s currently hosting a show in the UK on CBBC.

Superpowers is the new single you should listen to a million times over. It’s a very Finnish affair. she wrote it with a person named Teemu Brunila, whilst Hank Solo (he’s done stuff with Ace Wilder) produced.

“We grew up from apple juice to whiskey sours”

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