INTRODUCING: Myylo’s ‘Be My Baby’ is an energetic and instantly lovable pop debut

After stealing hearts in Nashville, Myylo is ready to steal the rest of the world’s. He already has mine.

In 2017, he released the EP South, a folksy/country “autobiographical coming of age story set in the American South” and on that EP he honed his songwriting skills, creating a style full of personality. It’s a style that has translated instantly to pop, with Be My Baby his first foray into the genre. The track and his vocal, in particular, radiate light – creating a fun and energetic little bop.

But for Myylo, his music is about feeling over genre. Chatting to Meridian Creators he said, “I don’t think American men are allowed to feel things, and my project, to me, is about being an American man who lets himself feel things very deeply.” 

“I think art is full of make-shift lineages — we’re all inheriting things from our influences and giving them to people that might be influenced by us in the future.”

With tracks as wonderful as the country Finger, the folksy Homesick and as fun and uplifting as Be My Baby, Myylo is one to keep a close eye on.

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