INTRODUCING: MLHLND, Australian pop’s newest forward thinker

I’m so fucking happy about the forward trajectory of Australian electronic-leaning pop music right now.

MLHLND is the latest signing to Personal Best Records, an independent label which is also the Australian home of London-based Holiday Sidewinder. Seemingly, they only sign acts with cool names. MLHLND creates music that “moves seamlessly between pop, subdued electronica and chilled-out, futuristic soul to create a sound that drags the golden age of R&B into the dreamy, ethereal sound of 2015”. NICE.

His first ‘taster’ song Pretty has a touch of SLUMS‘ sound on the Troye Sivan EP – which was already a 2015 sounding record – with a slightly less conventional and more unpredictable structural touch.

His debut single will be out by the end of the month. This is the start of something very cool.

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