INTRODUCING: Get Down to Sydney’s Jess Kent

Jess Kent‘s bio on triple j Unearthed is totally fascinating.

In essence, she’s a Sydney-based girl from the UK who lived there til she was 11, the daughter of a Dad who was a blues guitarist and a Mum of Indian-African descent.

She’d listen to stuff as diverse as The Clash & The Who next to Oasis, Blondie and Bob Marley whilst she was pottering around as a youngin – but once she moved to Australia and jumped into high school, Mat McHugh and The Beautiful Girls was a regular popup on her iPod Shuffle and she found a kinda weird knack for rap-rock like The Beastie Boys and even the Chillies.

What the shit is that as an influence list. I love it.

Add all of those to a more recent respect and love for local queens Tkay Maidza and Asta and really, it’s hard to work out what you’re going to get, but essentially think a Sydney response to Teeks with a little bit of Lily Allen thrown in for good measure. Get Down dropped less than a week ago and it’s a fucking jam. Get amongst it.

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