INTRODUCING: Contra, the new project from Cassie Davis, and their debut single ‘1992’

I don’t want to know any humans who don’t know the extensive and brilliant history of the extraordinary Perth-born singer, songwriter and producer Cassie Davis. In the mid-late-noughties, she had a few massive hits in Australia with some of the best pop of the era. Like It Loud, Differently and Do It Again were all certified gold (and certified fucking bangers) and her multi-instrumental ability was unparalleled by other Australian female pop people of the time, with the potential exception of Vanessa Amorosi and Orianthi.

The Cassie Davis era was almost six years ago, and since then she’s done a lot of stuff that whilst you may not know she was behind, you would undoubtedly know the outcome. Havana Brown‘s We Run The Night was probably one of the more notable conceptions her and producer-rapper-partner Snob Scrilla chucked out to the world under the guise of MORE MEGANeon Jungle‘s best two songs – Braveheart and Can’t Stop The Love – also done by Cass and Snob. I also recently worked out she was doing a writing session with Troye Sivan whilst he was in Los Angeles preparing his debut album.

In terms of solo work, Cassie has been quiet for a long time. She changed her name to Brooklyn Young for a little while a few years ago, with no music emerging under that name. She now goes by the moniker BABY, and has teamed up with two dudes in Los Angeles to form an electro-pop-house thing called CONTRA. They’ve quietly been doing some small shows around Los Angeles to warm up for their EP, The 90s Are All That, which you’ll hear in the Australian Autumn of 2015.

The first single is called 1992. You can download it for free. It moves between intoxicating house, saccharine pop perfection and super robotic electro. It’s a fucking jam. CONTRA are here and ready to kill it.

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