Illy’s new single ‘Papercuts’ ft Vera Blue is here.

Illy‘s new album is a-go with the first single, Papercuts, here for you to have a listen to.

Papercuts features queen of vocals Vera Blue doing a bit of a duet on the massive, melodic pop record – which we’re unsurprised to hear because basically the new album is going to be a progression from Cinematic – a big, natural pop work.

“It’s a different vibe to anything I’ve done before. I love that about it. A lot of rap music’s been uninspiring lately. I wanted to make an album that didn’t sound like anything else out, and bring back those big moments and big songs that make albums stand out. I can’t wait to share the rest of this one,” Illy told someone who sent that to Music Feeds.

In that yak we had back in May he said it’s coming out ‘late July’ but that’ll be a bloody miracle because first single’s out this Friday July 8.

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