Hailee Steinfeld’s on a ridicumazing Digital Farm Animals banger about Tinder

Digital Farm Animals, a UK fellow who somehow was afforded the rights to re-boot Nelly‘s Millionaire last year in banging fashion, has enlisted Hailee Steinfeld for his new single.

It’s fucking ridiculous on the surface. The chorus lyrics begin “I’d swipe right, ‘cos I see just what I like, baby, I’d tap twice for you!” Those words, however, surround a brilliantly euphoric electro-pop belter about ‘The Tinder Age’. They’ve replaced Tinder in the branding with ‘Rinder’, which is referring to the fat of pigs, and a pig’s hoof is used in the branding as the swiping implement.

Hailee then gets her own verse where she plays the role of A Busy 32 Year Old Woman about how she’s tired after work and this is her only access to love.

Just listen and smile and dance.

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