Greyson Chance’s new single ‘Afterlife’ cements him as a proper pop thing

Ever since Greyson Chance put his first proper single out, Thrilla In Manila, we knew we had a special pop person among us.

The very fun, very interesting disco banger was the first single from an album we were meant to get by the end of 2014 called Planet X. That never happened – and for very good reason.

Greyson opted to continue honing his skills as a writer and as a creative and earlier this year pushed out Meridians, a completely unexpected showcase of his emotional depth, on par with artists like Thomston and Matthew Young.

Today he emerges with Afterlife, a third single, and yep – we were right to think Grey’s something special. It’s massive and fascinating pop with a huge vocal and range – the falsetto on that last chorus is to die for but you can tell he’s now an adult during the verses, and simply from the lyrical depth.

Afterlife represents “a personal story and occurrence that took place in my life,” Greyson said to Billboard. “When you’re close to someone, and they try to make that jump towards the unknown, it affects you. I wanted to take that message along with a song that had a beat and a purpose.”

This is spectacular pop music.

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