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FlexMami, Levins, Nic Kelly, Kritty, Shag & Matka’s Girl Group #1’s

FlexMami, Levins, Nic Kelly (the worst bloke), Kritty, Shag, G-Coo & Matka are the lineup for GIRL GROUPS VS BOY BANDS, the ultimate pop showdown at Sydney’s Plan B this Saturday night.

To get pumped for it the lineup have thrown together their all-time #1 girl group songs for your listening pleasure.


Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls

The only thing I like more than a subtweet is one that is structured with a melody, verse and chorus. This song taught me that there’s always room for improvement, being forward is a great opp and that your other bandmates should serve to highlight your skills.


All Saints – Never Ever

Slow jam + spoken word + desaturated CGI music video = one of the sultriest girl group joints of all time. It also contains some of the most hilariously stilted lyrics in a pop song (“The way I’m feelin, yeah, you got me feelin really bad”), while still somehow managing to be a total singalong.


No More (Baby I’ma Do Right) by 3LW

Post break up R&B songs are already super vulnerable but when you have the first verse sung with a lisp? It’s heart melting! Damn that shitty dude and his broken promitheth promitheth! One day I’ll compile a list of all my favourite raps by the one girl in old R&B groups who could kinda rap and this will be at the top.

Nic Kelly

That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony

I remember the look on Levins’s face when in one of my very first DJ sets I dropped Fifth Harmony’s All In My Head (featuring Fetty Wap), an early single from one of the best pop albums of the year – from a group with enough swagger to kill a man. That’s My Girl is the follow-up single – packed with so much confidence, sass & pride for girl power – and the chorus goes the fuck off in the height of a night out.


Too Much by Spice Girls

Despite being 18 months old when it was released, it is Too Much by Spice Girls. Not only is this a 10/10 ballad, I bleed Sporty Spice (a.k.a the best vocalist in the group) and I particularly enjoy hearing her put the other spices to shame in this one.


Hole in the Head by Sugababes

Girl groups did kiss-off songs better than anyone, and this is my fave – a supremely catchy yet brutal takedown of an ex they’ve moved on from just 7 hours after the break up, comparing missing him to missing “a hole in the head”.

Catch these babes turning up the party at GIRL GROUPS VS BOY BANDS, the ultimate pop showdown at Sydney’s Plan B this Saturday night.

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