FlexMami, Levins, Nic Kelly, Kritty, Shag & Matka’s Boy Band #1’s

FlexMami, Levins, Nic Kelly (the worst bloke), Kritty, Shag, G-Coo & Matka are the lineup for GIRL GROUPS VS BOY BANDS, the ultimate pop showdown at Sydney’s Plan B TONIGHT.

To get pumped for it the lineup have thrown together their all-time #1 boyband songs for your listening pleasure.



Take That – Back For Good

You might not believe that boy bands created some of the greatest ballads of all time, but you can’t fuck with the transcendent falsetto during the chorus of the UK’s greatest ever boy band’s greatest hit.


Day 26 – Are We In This Together

I love a track that makes me feel things and this one is comparable to breaking up with all of your respective partners (both main and sides) in 4 minutes and 27 seconds. I can’t relate but I feel like I could and that’s what counts.


’N Sync – Tearin’ Up My Heart

What do boy bands do best? Wax poetic about their confusing feelings for a girl, while motioning in perfect coordinated dance towards their broken hearts, obviously. If you’ve ever seen me play this play this at a 90s party, you’ll already know I jump around wailing like a hormone-filled pre-teen.

Nic Kelly

One Direction – Live While We’re Young

This is the poppiest guitar song I’ve ever heard, the lead single from their 2012 ‘effort’ Take Me Home, people go “CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY” when they hear the chorus.



Backstreet Boys – Larger Than Life

I love an unmistakable intro to get the crowd hype and this has one of the greatest, followed by some eye-opening lyrics about wanting to thank their fans in a “different” way 😉


Mista – Blackberry Molasses

Bobby Valentino fronted this group in the mid 90’s when he was a teenager and their album was produced by Organized Noize, who did all the Outkast and Dungeon Family stuff. This song is a heater but probably way too credible for this list so let’s just say I said Everybody Get Up by 5ive.

Catch these babes turning up the party at GIRL GROUPS VS BOY BANDS, the ultimate pop showdown at Sydney’s Plan B this Saturday night.

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