Find out Hockey Dad’s opinion on cheese vs chicken twisties

Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming, aka Hockey Dad, recently released their debut album Boronia. I emailed the boys to find out how life was treating them, and who they’d like to hear their album most.

HEY BOYS. The new album is out. How has the reaction been so far?
We’ve been stoked with the reaction so far! My mum seems to like it so that means I still get a roof over my head till the next one!

You only released one EP before the album, when many bands choose to release 2 or 3. Was this a conscious decision to go down a different route?
I’m not sure if it was a conscious decision to be different or change it up but I think we were just excited by the fact that we could possibly pull off an album as early as we did so we went for it.

How has playing overseas been?
Playing away from home is always awesome. It’s rad to drive around and explore the different countries you’re in and it’s always a surprise when people from the other side of the world dig your stuff.

What were you guys listening to around the time of the album?
I think we were both listening to different stuff so it was a solid mix. I think Billy was into some 90’s skate punk and I was listening to some Aussie stuff like Bad//Dreems and Royal Headache.

Did the exposure your band has already had influence the album’s sound?
Not really. Most of the album was influenced by the stuff we were listening to when writing and recording it.

If you could pick one person, alive or dead, to listen to the album, who would it be?
Someone from Centrelink. Then if they like it we don’t have to get day jobs!

Grange, the 5 minute closer, is mostly instrumental. Was this something you always had in mind for the album?
Not always. Whilst recording demos we were just jamming and that song came out. After that I had it in the back of my head as a nice closer and luckily it worked out.

Finally, cheese or chicken twisties?
Cheese all the way baby!

Check out Hockey Dad’s debut album, Boronia, out now at all good music stores/streaming services, or give them cheese twisties at the tour dates listed below.

Fri., 30 Sep.
8:00 pm
Brunswick VIC
Sat., 1 Oct.
12:00 pm
North Wollongong NSW
Stuart Park
Thu., 6 Oct.
8:00 pm
Darlinghurst NSW
Oxford Art Factory
Fri., 7 Oct.
8:00 pm
Adelaide SA
Fri., 4 Nov.
11:00 am
Prospect Vale TAS
Sat., 5 Nov.
7:00 pm
Launceston TAS
The Workers Launceston

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