elkkle’s ‘Frails’ is another captivating moment from an Australian genius

elkkle‘s put out his second song in a row that you cannot stop listening to until the end.

His voice is so fucking nice and has the perfect tone. He’s got such a unique pace to the way he sings, and the instrumentation follows no pattern.

Yet somehow, through the trippy haze, there’s a beautiful pop undercurrent to the whole song.

Lyrically, “Frails is about the relationship between mental and physical health. Sometimes when one begins to slip, it’s very easy to let it drag the other one down. It describes feelings of fragility, hopelessness, and isolation. Albeit with a desire to be better, it’s all very grim, but I guess the last line is kind of poking fun at how temporary those feelings can be, despite how serious they seem at the time,” he said.


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