Alison Wonderland’s cathartic songwriting on ‘Awake’ is a triumph

Alison Wonderland‘s second album is out today. It’s really fucking amazing.

She’s blowing up in the US, she’s arguably the most powerful woman in electronic music as we speak, and her pop crossover potential knows no bounds – bolstered by co-writes & co-production from Joel Little.

I heard a really great quote from Justin Tranter the other day – “the more specific a story is, the more universal it becomes”. Hearing Alison delve into the immense loneliness of the moments of a relationship you can experience whilst suffering from anxiety on Easy, is a beautiful and pride-inducing example of the strength Alison’s found to talk about her emotions on a record.

Anyone who keeps in touch with Alison admires her vulnerability & finds a lot of strength in the way she openly documents her mental health – and you hear all of it on this album & in the way she delivers it. There’s those tiny glimpses of self-confidence like in the way she closes the album on Awake – and you get those 2am Candy’s Apartment belters thrown in for good measure too.

What a woman.

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