Donatachi’s ‘A / S / L’ contains the Grindr notification sound

Donatachi‘s “first official release” (although Bubblegum is a gem for the gods) is A / S / L, which came out today.

Speaking to a press release, Donatachi calls the song a “true indication of my direction as an artist and producer” and a “fresh start”. It’s lowkey about sexting. The Grindr notification sound appears a number of times. Truly amazing times to be alive.

But really it’s about “how so much physical interaction has been substituted with technology, how the feeling of seeing a notification from a particular person can have that same feeling of excitement as if you were with them IRL,” he says. Which is cute.

Sonically, which I suppose we should get to at some point shouldn’t we, it’s packed with dark stabs and plenty of space, but the poptastic glitter I fell in love with his music for in the first place. It’s certainly a new era – but he’ll always maintain a beautiful understanding of the intricacies of pop – and putting a unique spin on that is what will make him stand out.

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