The Deep Blue’s ‘Little Lover’ ft. fio is a magical local pop moment

Blake Wares is just a total popstar.

The lead singer of The Deep Blue a visionary young producer, writer, singer & curator of amazing pop moments who works out of a studio he built in his backyard on the Central Coast. Little Lover is one of the things he’s made in that studio with his band. It’s a glistening pop diamond that’s more delicate and bright than any other band-based pop being made in Australia right now.

The song features an artist the band’s started working with called fio, who plays the ex in the song. That’s all explained below.

Little Lover is a song written shortly after breaking up with a high school love of mine. The lyrics for me are a series of fearful curiosities, that no kind of answer or explanation could provide any closure to. It’s that moment when you finally find out what you’ve been wanting so desperately to hear, then realising that you would have been better off not knowing. This feeling sparked instant regret for my decision and led to jealousy, obsessiveness & spite.. all the ugly emotions.

Eventually life moved on, and this song remained unfinished for nearly two years. It wasn’t until I was again reminded of all these feelings after going through another breakup, which led me to finish this song.

This time around I learnt that you can’t let someone go and expect them to sit around and want you forever. Choosing to only ever see this girl for everything I wanted her to be and not for who she really was, inevitably made it seem as if she was ‘acting out’ and ‘changing’ upon all of her actions.

Being blinded, it’s not always easy to see that the one you love has not turned away and moved on because she had ‘lost her mind’ as the chorus naively insists, but because it was my doing. It was what I “wanted”. Fio’s verse acknowledges exactly that, almost in response to my absurd conclusion that this girl has gone crazy. Hence her lyric ‘you’ve always got me so wrong, I’m not the girl in your songs’.

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