Cosmos Midnight’s ‘Mind Off’ is a beautiful bop born from a chance encounter

Cosmos Midnight share a birthday because they are twins, you see. That birthday is today! 3 days after mine. Cancerian legends only.

They have gone with the theme of new life and given birth to a single called Mind Off today. It’s really nice. The Pat half of the duo was on with Linda on triple j last night explaining that basically they were sitting in a cafe in Silverlake (a ‘creative hub’ of sorts in LA) and heard a familiar accent. It was Aluna (sans George). They’d played with her at Listen Out a few years before. She gave them George’s details, they hooked up a session (sans Aluna) and a song was created.

They then got Clementine Douglas, who sings for a London group called Kudu Blue (sounds like a cheese) to sing some really lovely vocals and made a classic Cosmos bop.

The rest is history.

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