CHVRCHES’ ‘Never Say Die’ is really quite excellent

CHVRCHES is one of those artists that I’ve always wanted to love but have never quite clicked with. To be frank, some of their past releases have felt a bit like what would happen if you took acts like Purity Ring or Grimes and sucked all of the energy out of them (I’m not pitting artists against each other here, people! It just hasn’t been for me). But their latest single, Never Say Die, is actually amazing and I’m now really fucking excited for their upcoming album, Love is Dead, which is due out on the 25th of May.

Never Say Die is exciting because it feels like CHVRCHES finally found a unique and interesting niche within the field of sparkly pristine electropop. The excellent songwriting on this track, combined with Lauren Mayberry‘s heartfelt vocal delivery, gives the song an angsty edge that makes it a lot more emotionally accessible than a lot of similarly designed tracks. There’s a definite EDM influence here, with sweeping synths and a truly massive drop driving the whole thing forward, but the buildup is so masterful and rich that it completely works without feeling cheap. An exquisitely constructed pop tune, Never Say Die perfectly rides the line between anguish and euphoria, and is hopefully a sign of more great things to come.

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