Christina Parie is now KYA and has a single which is all drum and bass

Okay shit where do I start. You might remember Christina Parie – and before you ask no she isn’t the one that had Jar Of Hearts – that was Christina Perri. Parie was on The X Factor during the year Reece Mastin was on, she was sixteen at the time, had a black fringe and made out with Reece on screen one night and it was amazing.

When she finished The X Factor she didn’t get a deal with Sony like most of them do these days, so she had some meetings and struck a single deal with Warner. The song was called 16 and Unstoppable. The first lyric of the song was “tick tock it’s party o’clock, I’ll meet you up in forty-five,” which is so Relevant To Young People.

As you can tell from that lyric it didn’t go great and she didn’t really strike another single until now after over a year of frustration, which was interestingly yet understandably publically vented on her social media a fair bit, 18-year-old Christina’s officially changed her artist name to KYA (pronounced “KHAI-A”, apparently after her grandma) by teaming up with some group called LDN NOISE who we cannot find a THING about on Facebook.

The first single came out like last Friday and it’s the most ferocious drum and bass banger this country has released in so long. Christina is confident, aggressive and genuinely, sexy as fuck. This seems to be her way of musically blasting her label and anyone who stood in her way of continued success with a big “I AM ACTUALLY FUCKIN READY YOU KNOW.” The music video is excellent too, basically she rolls around in different dresses and looks like she’s ready for something big in this really massive mansion.

Expect something big to happen here because this is really god damn exciting.

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